Life by Design

Life by Design


Your best year yet.

What you get:

- A 46-page workbook with prompts, inspiration, and reflection questions to help you review 2017 AND plan for 2018

- Access to my Facebook group where I talk about my goals, and we can discuss Big Life Stuff in a safe place and hold each other accountable!

- This is not a 2018 planner--it's a review session for 2017, and a goal-setting workbook for 2018!

- Why is a digital product so much money? Because it's been YEARS in the making, HOURS AND HOURS in the creating, and it's truly my "secret sauce" for every ounce of my success and creativity. If you invest in a goal-setting program, you're more likely to invest in yourself and your goals!


Do you ever have the fierce urge to take a moment and simply reflect, but don't know where to start?

Do you want to live your best life, but don't have a freaking clue how to get started?

I get it. That was me five years ago. Five years ago, my life was an endless cycle of counting the hours until Friday afternoon, followed by manic Saturdays, Sunday dread, Monday misery. 

It's like I graduated from college, blinked, and all of a sudden, years were passing me by. I was getting fatter, more cynical, more resigned to, "welp, I guess this is adulting."

It's not. it doesn't have to be. Life can be amazing, but you have to choose to make it so!

The Life by Design workbook is your change to take control of your life. To live deliberately.

What is it?

It's a digital download (PDF format) with three parts:

1. Year in review - A look back at the year that just passed. The great, the not-so-great, and the areas you most want to work ont.

2. The year ahead - This is my favorite part! This is where you'll think BIG PICTURE about next year. Not only what you want to achieve in the "resolution" sense of the word, but who you want to be, and how you want to feel. We'll even dabble in the really big picture: how does what you want next year fit it into what you want out of your life?

3. Implementation - The third section is brief, but crucial. I've got 5 tried-and-true strategies for taking all the dreams and plans from the previous sections and turning them into reality!

• • •


Do I print this?

Yes, it's intended to be printed. While I'm all about technology, I've tried to embrace this process digitally, and it just doesn't work as well. There's something about the tactile pen/paper element that really works here.

What if I don't have a printer?

I don't either! I send the file to Kinko's to be printed, it takes less than an hour usually! I also splurge and pay a bit extra to have the workbook bound. 

I don't want to print it.

Fine. You can fill it out digitally with Mac Preview, Adobe Acrobat, though it won't be fancy! Alternatively, you can just reference the questions/prompts on your computer/phone, and then write your answers in your journal of choice! 

I want to buy the book premade and have it shipped to me.

Sorry, I don't offer that. Maybe next year!

What will I get?

A 46-page PDF with notes from me, inspirational quotes, and LOTS of questions/self-exploration.






a note from Lauren Layne


The story behind Life by Design

My favorite part of the holiday season has always been my annual review/planning session. I look forward to it more than buttery Thanksgiving mashed potatoes. More than Christmas morning. More than the champagne toast at New Year's Eve.

Beginning in 2011, my husband and I dedicate an entire weekend in November or December to reflection of the year that's passed, and planning for the year ahead.

The process started out basic. Our first-ever attempt at any kind of intentional living was a simple 1-page list of prompts. The next year I went bigger--I invested in someone else's planning guide, and while it was lovely, not quite right for me in tone or structure.

In 2013, I too my first stab at designing my own workbook, asking myself the questions I wish someone else would have asked me, jotting down strategies for implementing all my Big Ideas. 

My first book was published in that year. Three books, actually.

2014 I tweaked the workbook yet again, embellishing the things that worked, cutting those that didn't. Same went for 2015 and 2016.

I've always been pretty vocal about this process, and somewhere along the line, people started asking me to share it. I realized I wasn't alone in wanting, no, craving, the opportunity to celebrate the sparkling parts of my year, as well as be brutally honest with myself about where my time/energy was going.

One of the goals I set at the end of 2016 was to get my workbook into a "shareable-format" that could be used by anyone in 2017.

This is the culmination of that goal.

Now, I've been braced for the inevitable question of: Why are you charging for this? Greedy beeeeeeeeeep!

It's not free, because I think it's better than free.

This is hours and hours of work. It's my heart, soul. It's the tool that I've built from the ground up, the method by which I've built my entire life. Every ounce of success I've achieved in my career, most of the Big Joy in my life start with this workbook. 

You want to invest in yourself? Invest in yourself.

You're worth it.